Relax, Relate, Meditate

Meditation has become trendy and popular by so many boasting about the serenity and peacefulness you feel when meditating effectively. The benefits of this thousand year old practice are truly limitless. Meditation originated eons ago from a need to deepen the understanding of the spiritual and unseen aspects of life.For this very reason meditation is a great tool for strengthening your natural psychic abilities. Meditation is a powerful grounding tool for empaths, psychics, and mediums. The more you practice the easier it becomes, all while strengthening your intuition and the gifts you experience weaknesses. For example, a strong medium has the ability to increase the psychic gifts through meditation. It is recommended that you meditate at least 20 minutes each day to strengthen metaphysical gifts.It is especially important for empaths and highly sensitive people to practice meditation daily. Absorbing the energy of others constantly can sometimes make it difficult to understand your own feelings and emotions; meditation can make your personal feelings easier to distinguish.Often students of the metaphysical world find it hard to meditate initially, struggling to release the worry and random thoughts of the day. However, it is normal. No one can sit down and instantly grasp that deep state of meditation. It can take years and years of practice for that to be achieved. That’s right, a meditation practice will require lots of practice!It is important to select a form of mediation that works for you. Sitting down in a quiet room does not work for everyone. Be careful not to limit yourself to one specific form. As an Air sign, being outdoors and moving mediation such as yoga tend to work best for me. If you have a creative gift, as all empaths do, you may be more drawn to that gift when you need to calm yourself and relax. A great way to meditate for a writer would be to put on some peaceful music and just let your words and writing flow without judgment.Guided meditation is a great way to get started with meditating as well. If you are utilizing meditation as a tool to increase your psychic ability be sure to limit this. It is important that you are able to focus and meditate alone, so that you can call on that focus during readings and when you are seeking guidance.Many enjoy taking meditative walks, runs, or just simply meditating during their exercise time. Meditation is an exercise in itself! Instead of striving to lose weight or burn calories, it is an exercise in getting to know you at the most intimate level. Meditation is a gentle acceptance of your personal reality. Most importantly, it is open conversation with your Source, and the key to all the answers you seek.Each day can be made easy with just a few minutes of meditation. Take time to understand what is in your heart today. You will be so glad you did!

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